Bonk Business Inc. is a multiglobal industrial giant pioneering Third Millennium technologies such as LBH (Localised Black Holes), ADS (Advanced Disinformation Systems), Cosmic Therapy and Defunctioned Machinery. The roots of the company lie over a century ago in Finland, with the discovery of Anchovy Oil - which greased the frozen wheels of Nordic industry in the 19th century.
Chateau Bonk, 1994
The consumer concept of quality is highly influenced by what is called 'the promise of the label'. Especially important where am item is purchased before it is sampled, the buyers' expectations enhance enjoyment of the product.
Repacking, a quasi-production method developed by Bonk Business Inc, is a synergous method of manufacturing in which the original supplier - who has no knowledge of this parasitic relationship - has all the below-the-line costs of manufacture, storage and distribution. Mediocre products are purchased retail, and transformed by a new label into luxury goods with a high profit margin.