Bonk Business Inc. is a multiglobal industrial giant pioneering Third Millennium technologies such as LBH (Localised Black Holes), ADS (Advanced Disinformation Systems), Cosmic Therapy and Defunctioned Machinery. The roots of the company lie over a century ago in Finland, with the discovery
of Anchovy Oil - which greased the frozen wheels of Nordic industry in the 19th century.
Head of Product Development Alvar Gullichsen with the Raba Hiff Quasar OQ-172, 1994
Raba Hiff® is a range of fully defunctioned machinery incorporating leading edge technology. Raba Hiff® machines are designed as a presence - on the shop floor, in offices or any working area. Their true function is this presence, which has been proved to increase job satisfaction -leading to better work motivation and thus to greater profits.